Top 3 Pizza Shops in Ocean City NJ

The Jersey Shore just wouldn’t be complete without some great pizza joints. It’s a given when your in OC that you grab a slice from Manco and Manco.

It’s quick and easy to run up on the boardwalk around lunch time get your slices and run back to enjoy the sun and sand. We’ve already mentioned Manco and Manco but here are a few others we think you need to try next time your on the Island. Here our our top pizza shops in Ocean City NJ.

Top Pizza Shops in Ocean City NJ


1. Manco and Manco

Of course we have to start with Manco and Manco. A staple on the boardwalk for years, it’s not uncommon to see a line halfway across the boardwalk at dinner time. There is just something about the taste of their pizza that makes you want more.

They have three locations on the boardwalk and just recently took over the Strands theater and renovated it into a flagship store. You can find them at 8th street, 9th street, and 12th street on the boardwalk.


2. Preps Pizza

Preps pizza located at 10th and boardwalk has been around for more than a few years and has built up a solid fan base. Their pizzeria is bright and cheery with a sports theme. Lots of tvs showing games line the high walls. The vibe is fun and friendly. It’s easy to see why families love eating at Preps.


3. Tony P’s House of Pies

The newest pizza shop on the boardwalk (and our personal favorite) Tony P’s is a great family shop. Tony has managed pizza shops on the boardwalk for 40 years.

If you get a chance and can handle a little spicy food you HAVE to try a slice of the Tony P’s Special. I can’t even describe it, you just have to taste it for yourself. The strombolis are also amazing. I don’t think ive ever tried anything at Tony P’s that hasn’t been great. Located at 10th and boardwalk it’s very convenient if your hanging out at Castaway Cove.

top pizza shops in ocean city nj

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There you have our top pizza shops in Ocean City NJ. If we missed one or two that you think should be on the list let us know in the comments. This is just 3 great pizza shops on the boardwalk. Maybe we can add more in a complete pizza shop post. Next time your on the island check out all three pizza shops and let us know which one was your favorite!

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