The Best Surfing Season in Ocean City NJ

The Best Surfing Season in Ocean City NJ

Summer is definitely the most popular time for watersports and surfing, plus swimming and sunbathing, but it’s not the best surfing season in Ocean City NJ. For this reason, die-hard surfers in Ocean City NJ usually hit the beach at sunrise early to beat the crowds, or they’ll wait until after the lifeguards leave so there are less swimmers in the way.

For beginners, summertime is the best time to learn how to surf and sharpen your skills. Kids learn how to surf every July at FCA Surf Camp, and private lessons and group lessons are available for all ages starting right around Memorial Day. There are several surf schools in Ocean City NJ including the one at 7th Street Surf Shop.

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The Absolute Best Surf in Ocean City NJ Happens in the Fall

Fall is really the best surfing season in Ocean City NJ. If you are one of the lucky ones to live in Ocean City NJ or visit during the off-season, surfing should be a priority! Since it’s getting chilly, you will need to wear a good quality wetsuit. You should have your own surfboard, but if you need to rent surfing gear there are some nearby shops that are open year round.

September, October, and November are the best months to surf in Ocean City, NJ. The tourists (aka shoobies) have already left the Island, so the surfers are a group of die-hard locals who likely know each other. The beaches are empty and the ocean is wide open.

The Best Surfing Season in Ocean City NJ

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Another thing that makes fall the perfect time for surfing in Ocean City is the weather. Fall is also peak hurricane season. The changing season brings crisp air, cool water, and really sweet waves. Surfing is fun in South Jersey, but hurricane season is far more exciting for the surf community.

Even in the fall and winter, the ocean temperatures remain fairly consistent despite the slowly dropping air temperatures. The ocean temperatures range from 50 degrees to the upper 60s. This is ideal as you work hard paddling out to catch the hurricane swells.

Surfing and the Ocean City NJ Community

Fall is a great time for the beachtown community of Ocean City NJ. Being a barrier island town, the surf community is a part of the town’s identity. Local surf shops participate in the annual Community Block Party every fall. In addition, surfers can enjoy the comfort of the Chili Chowder Festival to warm up after a day chasing waves.

Not only are surfers a vital part of the local community and a huge presence at Ocean City’s  annual celebrations, but they are also vital to the health of the Island. Ocean City High School understands the call of the ocean and the students’ passion for surfing. OCHS has a surf team and they won the 2017 New Jersey State Championship earlier this month. This is the 24th state champion the team has brought home in its 32 years of surfing.

Just because summer is over it doesn’t mean the beach shuts down! Be careful to pay attention to the ocean and never go surfing alone. If you’re concerned about sharks, that’s another reason to surf in the fall. There are very few shark sightings in Ocean City, but the likelihood of encountering a shark is even lower in the fall and winter. The last confirmed shark attack in New Jersey was over a hundred years ago, but you may feel better swimming in cool water since sharks are not drawn towards the shore during this time of year.

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