Berges Trenton Awning – The Best Awnings in Ocean City NJ

Berges Trenton Awning – The Best Awnings in Ocean City NJ

Property management and curb appeal are important. Whether you’re selling a house, managing a business, renting out space, or you’re just happy living in Ocean City NJ, you should never neglect your property. It would be foolish to invest in such a valuable location if you’re not taking very good care of your house, building, or storefront!

There are many things that will improve the value and aesthetics of your property, both inside and out. It’s well worth it to spend a day or two getting the outside of your property spruced up. A fresh coat of paint, some landscaping, and little things like new awnings and window treatments will go a long way to improve curb appeal.

For nearly a hundred years, a local small business has been working to beautify homes and draw attention to shops at the Jersey Shore with the best awnings in Ocean City NJ. The Berges Trenton Awning Company, located in Pleasantville, designs and manufactures awnings for properties throughout Atlantic County and Cape May County. Awnings are attractive, eye-catching, and they serve to provide shade and protection from the elements.

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Many homes and businesses on the Mainland have worked with Berges Trenton Awning, and there are others scattered throughout the beach towns along the coast. These professionally made awnings can be spotted everywhere from Margate, Longport, and Ocean City, down to Avalon and Stone Harbor, and as far south as the tip of Cape May.

Family Owned Awning Business

This family-owned business opened in Atlantic City back in 1927 and has been going strong ever since! The company name will decidedly carry on the family heritage in honor of founder Louis Berges, who originally immigrated to the state capitol of Trenton. Four generations of Berges men have worked in this company so far. They’re maintained the core values of hard work, innovation, and quality that were established by their beloved ancestor in the earliest days at Berges Trenton Awning.

Berges Trenton Awning specializes in custom commercial and residential awnings. They make these high quality products onsite using durable materials from brands like Sunbrella, Settler, Dickson, and Recasens. Each material also carries a 10-year manufacturers warranty. These awnings are specifically built to handle the whipping ocean winds and to stand up to the scorching sunshine that notoriously damages cheaply made fabrics. Berges Trenton Awnings are even tough for the down pouring rains that hit the Jersey Shore during hurricane season.

Customers are advised to take down their awnings in the fall season and put them back up in the spring to keep them in the best possible shape. This should be a fairly simple step as you prepare to winterize your house each year. You can hire Berges Trenton Awning to do your installation and removal service if you prefer. They even have an “automatic list” that you can get on if you want them to handle this for you each fall and spring without you needing to call or make arrangements. They also offer awning repair services.

Many houses and storefronts are getting a fresh look with some of the best awnings in Ocean City NJ. Popular local businesses like Jon & Patty’s Coffee Bar Bistro, Arlene’s on Asbury, Sunrise Café, and Coastal Christian have all hired Berges Trenton Awning to give their exteriors some tender loving care.

Local shops, professional offices, and neighborhoods in Ocean City NJ are quiet this time of year but it’s the perfect time to focus on maintenance and renovations. If you’re going to spruce up your property for spring, don’t wait too long to get the ball rolling! Last winter, Berges Trenton Awning had 95 jobs to handle during the off-season.

Summertime draws so many vacationers that Ocean City’s population is ten times higher than it is during the fall and winter season. With so many people walking through your neighborhood (and many looking for rentals and houses for sale!) you’ll want your property to look its very best. Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, give your property an upgrade with the best awnings in Ocean City NJ!