Rentals in Ocean City NJ

Rentals in Ocean City NJ.

When you are planning your Ocean City NJ vacation, the most important thing is to book your rental as far in advance as you can. There are many great rentals to choose from in Ocean City and the biggest rental office is Berger Realty. Check out is always at ten AM on Saturday and check in is at 2. It gives the cleaning companies time to clean your rental, making sure it’s fresh and clean for your stay. If you ever find your rental not cleaned to your satisfaction just call your rental office and they will send out a cleaner ASAP. One more thing. Plan on some serious traffic. It’s not uncommon for traffic to be backed up for miles coming into Ocean City on Saturday. If you can arrive early in the morning and just hang out on the boardwalk or beach till check in, it would be worth it to avoid the traffic.