Karrie Davis Photography

Ocean City NJ Family Photographer, Karrie Davis.

Today we are spotlighting a local Ocean City NJ photographer, Karrie Davis. We asked Karrie a few questions about her photography and style and wanted to share her business with you.

ocean city nj family photographer karrie davisWhat’s your favorite lighting set up?
I likes to shoot in natural light with my style creating crisp, clean images. I prefers to let the beauty of my subjects be the focus in the natural surroundings of our coastline.
Do you like shooting weddings or portraits?
I specialize in families: small, big, extended, or intimate. I like to get group shots first, then move on to the different connections in the family. My favorite photographs are often the ones that evoke the feelings or relationship between the people in the photograph.
What’s the best time of day to schedule a session?
All my sessions are during the golden hours of the day which are the hours after sunrise and the hours leading to sunset. The natural beauty of our beaches and bays combined with the sun’s light at those times makes our sessions magical. Capturing your family vacation through photography will be a highlight of the trip and many of my clients make it a family tradition.
ocean city nj family photographer
Karrie is a Ocean City NJ family photographer who grew up at the Jersey shore and currently resides in Atlantic County with her husband and four boys.