Ocean City NJ Beach Tags, Where to Find Them!

Yes this is a post on the dreaded beach tags. I always feel bad for the big family that has never been to Ocean City and they come for the weekend and go to the beach only to be stopped by a beach tagger telling them unless they shell out a ton of money the beach is off limits. I see this happen a few times a year and it always makes me feel for them. After reading this post hopefully you will be prepared with all the info you need to buy your Ocean City NJ Beach Tags.

Where to Buy Ocean City NJ Beach Tags

You can buy them online here. You can also use a mail in order form if that suits you better. Beach tags are cheaper if you buy them for the whole season. If you just buy them for a day they are much more expensive.

How Much are Ocean City NJ Beach Tags?

Beach Tags are discounted at $20 through May 31st. They are only needed after June 2nd.

For more information you call 609-399-6111, ext. 9377. If you are local in Ocean City you can pick them up at the following locations:

City Hall

861 Asbury Ave, Ocean City, NJ 08226

Mon-Fri, 8:45 am to 4:30 pm; Sat-Sun 10-4

Welcome Center

300 W 9th St, Ocean City, NJ 08226

Mon-Fri, 9-4:30; Sat 9-4; Sun 9-2 (winter hours)

Henry Knight Building

12th and Haven

Mon-Fri, 9-4 (no holidays)

Aquatic & Fitness Center

1735 Simpson Ave # 2, Ocean City, NJ 08226

Mon-Fri 5 am-9 pm; Sat 7-6; Sun 9-6 (no holidays)

Ocean City Nj Beach Tags

Ocean City NJ Beaches

Once you have your OC NJ Beach Tags you are ready to go. The beaches can be extremely crowded in front of the boardwalk. We tend to use the south end beaches where the crowds are a little thinner. Remember to pack a lunch and plenty of water. Here is a list of everything you should have when you plan a day at the beach.

We try to pack as light as possible when we hit the beach (which is usually every Saturday), especially if you have small children. After a few summers of carrying toddlers down to the beach we pretty muchhave it down to a science. A good rule to have with kids is that they can bring as many toys as they want as long as they carry them themselves. This helps lighten the load and frees up some much needed space.

Let us know what your best tips are for a great day on the beaches in Ocean City New Jersey.