Contractors in Ocean City NJ, Reliable and Trustworthy

When buying a house in Ocean City New Jersey one thing you should think about is finding contractors on the island. Because Ocean City has such a great tradition, those in business have grown up here and take pride in working on the island. Finding the right contractors can give you peace of mind that your investment property is taken care of during the winter when no one’s around and the storms start rolling in. Today we’re going to look at a few contractors in Ocean City NJ we highly recommend. This is not a conclusive list, there are many great contractors on the island, we’re just going to name a few.


Contractors in Ocean City NJ

R. Etling

If you’re a new homeowner in Ocean City New Jersey you may not have heard of R. Etling. He is recommended by most real estate offices after a home inspection. You will see his trucks around town. He is extremely reliable, does great work, and his customers always recommend him.

Gerry Palermo Plumbing

The best plumbers in Ocean City NJ

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Gerry has been a plumber in Ocean City for a long time, there’s actually two Palermos who have Plumbing businesses in Ocean City. Gerry’s office is located at 1311 West Ave. Ocean City, New Jersey. Right next to Finatics Bait and Tackle. If you go in and talk to Gerry you will see why so many people use him. He has a great group of honest guys working for him. If you ever have a plumbing emergency you can call them at any time.

Geo Electric

Although there are many great electricians in OC NJ, we’ve used Geo Electric with great success. Because Ocean City is so small and there is lots of competition between contractors you always get fast reliable service. We’ve also used other electricians with great results. For the sake of this post we are featuring Geo.
If you’re in a bind and don’t know who to use just go into any local hardware store or supply shop. The guys working at the counters will recommend any number of contractors for you to use. Anyone they recommend is a great choice. Their reputation is on the line when they recommend a contractor or property manager. They won’t recommend someone who doesn’t do great work or is unreliable. Let us know in the comments below who your favorite contractor or property manager is.