The Best Beach in America, Ocean City NJ

Coastal Living’s Best Beach in America Ocean City NJ

Every year Coastal Living Magazine holds a March Madness type of tournament, pitting the top beaches in America against each other. Readers vote on their favorite beaches as they advance through the tournament. This year, after a controversial finish, the Ocean City, NJ beach was crowned Coastal Living’s best beach in America Ocean City NJ!

The contest was decided by a large number of votes, proving the people who live and vacation in Ocean City, NJ are very passionate about the community. Ocean City is a home away from home for many people. Families come and re-unite here every summer in America’s Greatest family resort. It’s understandable the passion that people have for our little island.

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Best Beach in America Ocean City NJ

And as another summer starts here at the Jersey Shore, as the boardwalk is prepped and new rollercoasters are built. We look forward to new memories with families and friends as we enjoy the best beach in America.

Local Landscape Art Photographer Ocean City NJ

Photo by John Loreaux you can find more of his work here.