Local Art in Ocean City NJ.

Local Artist and Designer.

Jeffry Macpherson is a local artist in the area who does pen and ink prints. He designs book covers, Album art, and many other things. Check out his site and shop. Jeffs art has been featured in galleries in Austin, Texas, coffee shops in North Carolina and boutiques and cafes in New Jersey and California.

As well as shipping his work all over the world, he also is sought after for portraits and posters and his creative inspiration is utilized for advertising, bands that need album art, set directors for national television series and writers who need book covers and illustrations. Citing influences such as Jack Kerouac, George Lois, The Bible, Miles Davis and the NASA programs his work has been described with words such as “urban”, “astronaut,” “intricate” and “inspiring.”

Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife, playing drums, astronauts, losing chess tournaments, creating intricate works of art and cooking for friends. He makes original art that is accessible and fills people with the same love and hope that he has found.

Art in Ocean City NJ

Art in Ocean City NJ